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5 strategies for supercharging audience [engagement]

29th May 2024
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Keeping virtual audiences hooked

Let’s be real – keeping virtual audiences hooked is no easy feat. With 91% admitting to daydreaming during online meetings and a staggering 39% actually dozing off, the struggle is all too real. But fear not, we’re about to reveal five game-changing hacks that’ll have your attendees buzzing with excitement. Let’s dive in!

Unleash the power of a customisable events platform

Mere streaming won’t cut it anymore. To truly ignite engagement, you need a platform that goes above and beyond. We’re talking built-in tools for virtual Q&As, live chat streams and even virtual breakout rooms for networking. Think of it as a blank canvas for your creativity to run wild, crafting an experience that demands interaction.

Poll your way to engagement gold

Real-time polls are pure engagement gold, allowing you to gauge your audience’s pulse while keeping them hooked. Over 81% of virtual event organisers swear by this tactic, and for good reason. With poll results in hand, you can tweak content on the fly and gather invaluable insights for future endeavors. Just remember to keep questions concise, focused and relevant to your event.

Bring on the entertainment factor

Who said events always have to be serious? Shake things up with a dash of entertainment – live comedy acts, pre-recorded videos or even a good old-fashioned band. Take inspiration from the Edinburgh TV festival, which featured heavyweights like Whoopi Goldberg and Greta Thunberg, keeping audiences enthralled. Even on a tighter budget, a local talent show or a dazzling magician can work wonders.

Gamify for guaranteed fun

Gamification is the secret sauce for injecting a competitive yet playful spirit into your virtual event. Whether it’s awarding points for visiting sponsor booths, participating in Q&As or dominating polls, gamification taps into our innate love for friendly competition. Just ensure you have the right technology to track participation and award points accurately – because no one wants to miss out on that coveted prize!

Embrace the power of translation

If you’re hosting an international audience, translation is key to fostering engagement and inclusivity. As many as 65% of non-native English speakers prefer content in their native tongue, so cater to their needs with AI-generated closed captions, CART captioning, or sign language interpreters. Let your evexus platform work its magic and watch engagement soar across borders.

Ready to ignite your virtual audience and leave them craving more? Request an evexus demo today and let’s craft an experience that’ll have them buzzing long after the event ends.

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