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Increasing attendee engagement for a hybrid conference

in-person and online attendees

Optometry Western Australia

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Company Name: Optometry Western Australia

Conference Name: Western Australian Vision Education (WAVE) Conference 2023

Event type: Hybrid Conference

Conference at a Glance

  • 500+ Delegates
  • 10+ Speakers
  • 35 Exhibitors
  • Live streaming
  • Recorded presentations for on-demand viewing

Quick Facts

Optometry WA is the Western Australian division of Optometry Australia and plays a vital role in supporting optometrists in maintaining their professional competence and staying up to date with the latest advancements in the field of optometry. It ensures that optometrists have access to educational resources and facilities that enable them to earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. CPD hours are essential for optometrists to meet the qualifications and requirements set by the Optometry Board of Australia.

The Event

The Annual Western Australian Vision Education (WAVE) 2023 Hybrid Conference took place from Saturday 18 – Sunday 19 March 2023 at The Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle in Perth and was attended in person by over 150 industry professionals, 35 exhibitors, and many hundreds more online attendees.

The program included a range of educational content in a variety of formats including keynote speakers & presentations that aimed to meet the personal learning objectives of attendees who could earn CPD hours for their participation.

The event also included 35 exhibitor booths where delegates could explore some of the latest advancements and products in the optical industry.

The Solution

Registration Management:

Registrations for the event were managed on the evexus platform which facilitated a streamlined process and enabled attendees to easily navigate through the registration steps, provide necessary details, and complete payment. The integration of Stripe allowed attendees to make their payments securely through a trusted and widely-used payment processing service.

Content Capture:

Our team of experienced broadcast operators worked with the WAVE AV team to manage the audio/video feed and ensure the smooth capture and transmission of the event’s content and a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience for the online audience.

Custom Branded Event Platform:

We created a custom branded event platform for OWA that had a host of features enabled including exhibitor tools. Recorded sessions from the event were hosted as videos for on-demand viewing in the event platform for members to gain CPD hours.

Key Considerations

Member engagement was key to the success of this event for OWA as well as getting strong in person attendance to deliver value for the events exhibitors. Equally as important was a high-quality streaming experience for the online participants, a number of whom have attended virtually across multiple events.

Streaming the event to a broader audience provided an opportunity to boost the association’s brand awareness and position OWA as a trusted virtual hybrid conference with the ultimate goal of becoming the first choice for events to attend by industry peers.


We are in our third year of working with OWA on this conference and it was a great success again this year. The consistent delivery of professional customer service and a seamless delegate experience has been a driving force in our continued partnership with OWA.

Our team are dedicated to ensuring that OWA and their delegates received world class support and assistance throughout the conference, addressing any inquiries or concerns promptly and effectively. By maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we have cultivated a valued long-term relationship with OWA who appreciates the high-quality experience we consistently deliver.

“We created a custom branded event platform for OWA that had a host of features enabled including exhibitor tools.”

Optometry Western Australia

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