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11th June 2024
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evexus redefines the events industry, launches its cutting-edge end-to-end event management software solution

evexus, the premier end-to-end event management software solution, is thrilled to announce its official launch. Built by the industry for the industry, evexus harnesses innovative technology such as AI, sequential registration and pay first billing. This will fill a significant gap in the market for event management software, setting a new standard in how events are managed and experienced.

Originating in 2018 as an internal platform designed to support registration, live streaming, and video-on-demand hosting for large-scale hybrid events, evexus has since evolved into a sophisticated solution trusted by some of the world’s leading organisations and event management companies.  The genesis of this product stemmed from a crucial realisation that event planners grappled with outdated, intricate, and inefficient event management technology. These systems not only devoured precious time and resources but also posed significant risks to businesses, necessitating dedicated staff to navigate through their complexities.

evexus streamlines event management by offering a central events hub where people and technology connect, making it easier for event planners to manage a range of event types, from complex in-person conferences to educational webinars, allowing users to extend their reach and provide personalised content anytime, anywhere.

Built for event planners, evexus enables the creation of a range of event types without the need for extensive training. The product introduces an innovative sequential registration system, equipped with cloning and drag-and-drop form builders, as well as enables businesses to save up to 60 hours per 100 abstract submissions. It’s purpose-built for conferences and events, delivering a comprehensive productivity toolkit and all in one platform.

Jordan Walsh, Co-Founder of evexus, said, “I am really excited to see the launch of evexus. The platform has been in development for five years and is dedicated to elevating the event experience.”

“Our goal is to transform the way events are managed by providing a solution that is not only efficient but also reliable and easy to use. We believe that by eliminating the complexities associated with traditional event technology, we can help event planners deliver exceptional experiences.”

evexus offers a comprehensive suite of event management features, including an intuitive registration system, branded event websites, real-time program management tools, a mobile event app and QR code-based self-check-in options. Attendees benefit from digital posters, webinars, abstract management tools and automated CPD tracking, enhancing their engagement and learning experience. The product also supports live translation, multi-lingual assistance, e-poster terminals, AI-assisted live builds, and gamification elements to enrich event content and interaction. It enables event organisers to accomplish tasks such as the promotion of sponsors, providing on-demand content, gathering data insights and live streaming events in real-time.

Marcel van Egdom, Head of Product at evexus: “evexus represents a quantum leap in event technology, seamlessly integrating a myriad of features tailored to the modern event landscape.

“From intuitive registration systems to AI-assisted live builds, our platform empowers organisers to craft immersive event experiences that captivate and engage attendees like never before.”

evexus distinguishes itself with a modern design approach and extensive experience across various event formats, including in-person, virtual, hybrid, and webinars. The product is backed by notable venture capital firms AirTree Ventures and Skip Capital and trusted by major associations and corporate clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region and uses data-driven insights to continuously improve event execution. evexus ticks the box with people, new tech, and proven success stories, as the product, in its various forms, has been used by leading national and global associations and corporate organisations over the past five years and is available to the public from 4th July 2024.


About evexus
evexus is a premier event management product designed to revolutionise the way events are planned, managed, and experienced. Backed by leading venture capital firms AirTree and Skip Capital, evexus provides advanced technology solutions to event planners around the world, helping them manage a wide range of events more efficiently and effectively. The platform is built by industry experts to address the unique needs of event planners, offering features such as an intuitive registration system, real-time program management, and advanced engagement tools.With a focus on enhancing attendee experience and providing actionable data insights, evexus is trusted by major organisations and associations globally. Our mission is to elevate event experiences by connecting people and technology, ensuring seamless, impactful events every time.

For more information, visit www.evexus.com

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